Episode 116: Save Mokuba! Destiny's Seventh Turn



i was trying to make a cool rei gif but i missed the chair 

#this is the most accurate possible rei gif

I was goooone for 13 hours todaaaaay

I ended up having dinner in the city with my friend before she flies back to Japan in a few days

It was great and we got to talk about a lot more things

But I didn’t get home until after 9pm. Now I’m exhausted and will pass out the second I close my laptop

But basically what I’ve learned…commuting is really tiring. It’d be nice to have a BEWD jet.



missing persons alert: 3000 year old pharaoh look out for his huge anime hair you cant miss him please bring him home

Countdown to Dragons of Legend: 7 days!

  Episode 115: Invincible Deck Master, Miracle Ark